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Best Ways to Travel from Bakersfield to LAX

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Did you know that the distance between Bakersfield and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in the United States is only 120 miles? This makes the trip both handy and occasionally challenging to navigate. Whether you’ve taken flights before or are an experienced traveler, finding the best mode of transportation can be a crucial part of starting your trip on the right foot.

With a variety of options available, from bus rides and trains to private cars and shared shuttles, the decision can feel overwhelming. Relax—we’re here to help you explore the best ways to travel from Bakersfield to LAX so you can decide which route fits you and what your travel needs are best.

What Are the Best Ways to Go From Bakersfield to LAX?

  • Drive Yourself. If you enjoy the convenience and flexibility of driving your vehicle, this option allows you to travel on your schedule and route. Be sure to check for real-time traffic updates to avoid delays. Once at LAX, you can choose from various parking options, such as Hilton LAX Airport Parking, including long-term parking lots and more premium services like valet parking.
  • Private Car Service. Hiring a private car service offers a personalized and comfortable travel experience, thus making it one of the best travel options. With a professional driver at the wheel, during the ride, you can unwind or finish off some work. This option is ideal for those who prefer convenience and privacy.
  • Uber or Lyft. Ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, offer a convenient and affordable option. Using a mobile app, booking a ride is simple. The average prices vary, and you can choose between different vehicle options depending on your budget and comfort preferences.
  • Shuttle Services. Shared shuttle services are an affordable mode of transportation, especially if you don’t mind sharing the ride with other passengers. With your travel dates in mind, consider the service from Hilton LAX Airport Parking, which offers reliable transportation every 20 minutes, making multiple trips throughout the day. This option may take longer than others, but it can save you money and fewer cars on the road will result in lower carbon emissions.
  • Public Transit. Choosing public transportation proves to be the most economical route. From Bakersfield train station, you can purchase a ticket for the Amtrak train to Los Angeles Union Station. Upon reaching there, transition to the bus station for your bus trip directly to LAX through the FlyAway bus service. This ride, albeit time-consuming and involving transfers, offers a wallet-friendly alternative. While the bus route may be longer, the money saved makes this bus journey a worthy choice.

  • Rental Car. When you rent a car, you are free to go at your own pace. It’s a good option for those who enjoy the autonomy of driving themselves and may also need a vehicle during their stay in Los Angeles. Remember to factor in the cost of parking at LAX, as it can add up quickly.
  • Taxi. Traditional taxis are readily available in Bakersfield and can provide a direct route to LAX. While generally more expensive than ride-sharing services, taxis are an instant and dependable option, especially for those who need to leave at a moment’s notice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Transportation to LAX


Evaluating your financial constraints is crucial in selecting the right mode of transport. While buses and shared shuttles are generally more affordable and can save you money, they may require you to follow a fixed schedule and can be crowded. On the other hand, private car services and taxis offer more convenience and flexibility. Still, they can be on the pricier side, especially during peak hours or in high-demand areas. 

Travel Time

The total time taken to reach LAX varies between different transportation options. Driving yourself or taking a private car service could be quicker compared to public transit or shared shuttles, especially during peak traffic hours. Considering the driving distance from various cities can help you estimate the time needed more accurately. If you opt to drive, you have the flexibility to choose your route and depart at your convenience, potentially saving time.


Consider how much convenience matters to you. If you dislike multiple transfers and handling luggage yourself, a direct service like a private car or taxi might be preferable over public transit options, which often require several changes. Public transit can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Still, it can also be time-consuming and cumbersome, especially if you’re traveling with a lot of luggage or during peak hours. 


The comfort level offered by various transportation methods can range from luxurious private cars to basic bus seats. Private cars often come equipped with plush seating, climate control, and a host of amenities that make the journey pleasant and relaxing. If you prioritize comfort, services like a private car or even ride-sharing options with premium vehicles might be more suitable, as they often include additional perks such as Wi-Fi, refreshments, and personalized service.


Some transportation options like rental cars and ride-sharing services allow you to travel on your schedule, offering the convenience of leaving and arriving at your preferred times. These options contribute to timely travel, making sure you stay on track with your plans. In contrast, public transit operates on fixed timetables. They require you to plan around preset schedules and potentially experience waits or delays. Assess your travel itinerary and make appropriate travel arrangements to determine which option best suits your needs for a smooth journey.

Parking Costs

For those considering driving their vehicle or renting a car, finding a reliable airport parking service is crucial to avoid high costs and parking hassles. Consider using Hilton LAX Airport Parking for convenient and affordable options. It offers secure parking facilities, easy access to the airport terminals, and shuttle services to ensure you reach your flight on time. Also, their competitive pricing and excellent customer service make it a top choice for many travelers.

Environmental Impact

Environmentally conscious travelers might prefer more eco-friendly options such as buses or trains. These methods produce less pollution per passenger compared to private vehicles or taxis, and they often provide a more scenic and relaxing journey. So, next time you plan a trip, consider the benefits of taking a bus or train for a more sustainable travel experience. Ensuring seamless transportation can be an important part of your dream trip, making your overall experience much more enjoyable.

Why Should You Consider Airport Parking Services For Your Journey to LAX?

  • Convenience. Airport parking services offer the ease of securing a parking spot ahead of time, eliminating the stress of finding last-minute parking.
  • Proximity. Located close to the airport terminals, these services often include transport from Bakersfield to LAX shuttle buses that ensure you reach your flight on time without the hassle of long walks.
  • Security. Most airport parking facilities, including Hilton LAX Airport Parking, provide 24/7 surveillance and secure parking lots, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. Pre-booking parking can save you money, often with competitive rates and discounts for long-term stays compared to daily airport parking fees.
  • Customer Service. High-quality customer support, including assistance with luggage and prompt shuttle services, enhances your overall travel experience.

Make Your Travel to LAX Effortless: Reserve Your Parking at Hilton LAX Airport Today!

Evaluating various Bakersfield to LAX transportation is essential for a smooth and hassle-free journey. Whether you prioritize convenience, comfort, cost, or environmental impact, there is a suitable choice for everyone. However, for those who opt to drive, using an airport parking service like Hilton LAX Airport Parking can greatly enhance your travel experience.

Consider booking with Hilton LAX Airport Parking for your next trip. You will need to drive your car to the Hilton Hotel at LAX, where you can either park it yourself or utilize the valet service. Once you’re parked, you can enjoy the convenience of their complimentary shuttle service, which runs every 20 minutes, ensuring you reach the airport terminals on time and stress-free.

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